The sector has recently seen several chief blows, with the latest one alarming in just a few months. The most appropriate approach is then absolute.

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A small amount of supporters of a complete ban arrange credit card payments The comments submitted so far suggest that charities are in particular in favour of a total ban on credit cards. The comments state that players would abuse different forms of borrowing instead of credit cards. The regulator explained so as to if a ban on credit certificate gambling is to be introduced, consumers may look for other methods designed for borrowing money to fund their betting habits such as loans and overdraft. The consultations on the Prohibition of credit cards in sports betting, Online Casinos and other gambling are ajar. The comments will be reviewed all together with the data already collected, which have been submitted as part of a first request.

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We therefore believe that there is a need for action. This consultation bidding help us decide to find the best action. A total ban arrange credit card payments during gambling is considered unlikely, but is possible. A total ban on gambling payments by credit cards is considered unlikely.

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