All the rage the background you'll hear all kinds of sounds, including the aliens chat in their own kind of dialect.

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Annihilation destroys all one-eyed symbols and all matching symbols. With each cascade, the Gargantoon Wild will divide itself addicted to two 2x2 wilds. The real supernova in this far off galaxy is the Gargantoon Feature! Reactoonz is a space-themed slot machine where you be able to see the infinite space in the background. Reactoonz consists of a 7x7 grid of symbols and you accomplish by getting clusters of winning symbols.

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Reactoonz Big Wins

After you're not getting any more wins the queued features will be triggered. And with more of the alike space monster in tow, the advanced are your chances to win! Gargantoon knows how to give you enormous wins! He plonks himself onto the reels as a 3x3 wild substituting for all icons. Implosion transforms 3 to 6 symbols to wilds after that destroys all adjacent symbols.

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Reactoonz Slot Game Bonus Features

The real supernova in this far bad galaxy is the Gargantoon Feature! This will cause a Giantoonz to appearance — a much larger variant of the previous alien with a 2x multiplier on any winning combinations! After that what about the possibilities to coin in big wins? And any creatures surrounding them will be blown ahead triggering totally new combinations on the reels. X marks the spot. Barn dance aboard and travel to a analogy universe of Reactoonz where cute creature from outer space creatures surround you, and aid you on your wild quest for eerie riches! Incision puts a wild badge in the centre of the framework and creates two diagonal lines of a random matching symbol. When altogether five meters are at full ability, the Gargantoon feature makes its approach into your queue.

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Gargantoon Feature

Reactoonz Slot Game Bonus Features No fewer than winning combinations of 25 Reactoonz slot game characters, whether in following spins or cascading re-spins, will activate a Bonus Feature! Every spin individual random one-eyed symbol is chosen at the same time as a fluctuating symbol, which if it's part of a winning combination'll abandon two wilds behind on the framework. As wins are accrued, the quantum generator bar to the right of the reels starts to fill, triggering, on completion from either unrelated spins or a series of cascades, individual of four spatial Bonus features. Arrange the right side of the framework there's a large alien called Gargantoon and he can give you a few nice rewards to help you arrange the road to the big wins. We've also taken a look by the betting options in this amusement, for us to be able en route for tell you which players it's suitful for. If you get 4 alike symbols in a 2x2 square affect they'll turn into a Giantoon which doubles your winnings with the badge. As you can see Reactoonz gives you great possibilities to win adult wins and we have the videos showing some of the highest wins every caught on video!

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A random Quantum feature will be by design added to your queue until you do. If the Quantum facility all the rage the top right of the amusement window reaches full bars, following following winning symbols, the Gargantoon will be released! To get a win you need at least 5 matching symbols in a cluster and if you manage to get 15 or add in a cluster you get the biggest win. You can get ahead to four features in a backlog and when it charges the fifth time the Gargantoon Feature will galvanize. It's the pink alien that'll allocate the highest win, so look designed for it if you're looking for the big wins! There are four at a low level paying aliens, they're the one-eyed ones, and there are four high paying aliens as well.

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